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What will The Opus answer that The Secret did not?

Answer . The Opus is not related at all to The Secret. The official website ( states that this is a stand alone film that will address the achievement pr (MORE)

Who is the creator of The Opus?

Answer . The creator and writer of this film is the motivational speaker Douglas Vermeeren. He is known as the achievement expert. He has interviewed more than 400 of the w (MORE)

What is an opus number?

In the world of classical music, a composer would generally not go to a publisher with a single piece of music, unless it was a major composition like a symphony. Composers wo (MORE)
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How did you like The Opus?

I went to the premiere of The Opus in Edmonton. It was a great movie. The place was packed. It was crazy. But the energy was good. The film is so much more than a sequel to th (MORE)

What is the plural of opus?

Depending on the sense, the plural of opus is either opera or opuses. Generally speaking, in reference to musical works especially, the plural is opuses.

What does opus mean?

a separate composition or set of compositions by a particular composer, usually ordered by date of publication or any artistic work, esp. one on a large scale

What is melville opus?

An opus could refer to a literary or musical composition, therefore, a Melville opus would be Omoo , Herman Melville's sequel to Typee .

Is fugue an opus?

A fugue is a musical form. An opus is a musical composition. Therefore a fugue is not an opus, nor is an opus a fugue. A composer may compose a fugue and give it an opus numb (MORE)

What is liszt opus?

there's a few informations.. opus 1 - studies. and he used opus number, 1 to 5. I don't know about opus 2~5..