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Are orangutans omnivores?

Yes they are.   Diet: Orangutans are omnivores, which means they eat a variety of foods - both meat and plants - like fruit, leaves and small animals. However, 70% of a wil (MORE)

Where do orangutans sleep?

  Each evening, orangutans construct a "nest" in the tree branches for the night in which they will curl up and sleep. These nests are made out of leaves and branches. Nes (MORE)
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Does orangutan have a backbones?

No. Orangutans, instead of backbones, have a special thing called mongimandae. This causes their back to warp into strange positions allowing them free movement through the ju (MORE)

What can orangutans do?

They can't really do much. Unless you count a 400m sprint much. They're pretty slow at it though. And they don't respond well to my coaching methods. Better luck next track se (MORE)

How can you help the orangutans?

By stopping the destruction of their habitat and protecting them from poachers and by not buying items that involve orangutans or orangutan's homes. There is so much more to (MORE)
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Does an Orangutan eat orangutans?

No, Orang-utans do not eat other Orang-utans as they are frugivorous (fruit eating). Ninety per cent of their diet consists of fruit but orang-utans also eat nectar, honey, ba (MORE)
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What is the Communication of a Orangutan?

    Orangutans use charades to communicate. If you understand the message clearly, he will use some of the same hand gestures again to communicate. If you don't unders (MORE)

What is the largest orangutan?

There are no orangutans on record for being the largest. They are  however the largest tree dwelling mammals on the planet. The males  can get as big as 198 pounds while the (MORE)
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What is an orangutans niche?

The orangutans niche is the forests of Sumatra and Borneo.  Orangutans play an essential role as seed dispersers throughout the  forests as they digest and eliminate waste. (MORE)