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What is an orangutan?

An orangutan is a member of the ape family with reddish brown hair. They live in parts of Borneo and Sumatra. The name orangutan is derived from the Malay word meaning person (MORE)

Where is the habitat of an orangutan?

  Orangutans live in the tropical rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra (both islands in Indonesia)   Orangutans live in the tropical rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra (bot (MORE)

Orangutans how do orangutans move?

"swing from branch to branch which is called brachiation. They are the largest arboreal animal and almost never go to the ground in the wild." Except to mate , defecate , con (MORE)

What is a orangutan?

They are part of the primate family. They are one of the great apes which include also chimpanzees, gorillas and humans. some of them are endangered because people are destroy (MORE)

How does an orangutan behave?

An orangutan is very friendly. If you keep one as a pet, they actas great pets. But, they will become too attached to the humans andwill not want to go out in the wild. If you (MORE)

What can orangutans do?

They can't really do much. Unless you count a 400m sprint much. They're pretty slow at it though. And they don't respond well to my coaching methods. Better luck next track se (MORE)

What are orangutans?

the coolest things on earth orange apes that look like humans exept very hairy red or orange also they can have cheeck flaps which look cool they are tottaly wicked cool
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What can an orangutan do?

orangutans are very smart animals they use tools to help them survive like if it rains they will use a big leaf as an umberrella they can do a lot of things some get capturerd (MORE)
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Does an Orangutan eat orangutans?

No, Orang-utans do not eat other Orang-utans as they are frugivorous (fruit eating). Ninety per cent of their diet consists of fruit but orang-utans also eat nectar, honey, ba (MORE)