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What is an oratorio?

"A musical composition for voices and orchestra, telling a sacred story without costumes, scenery, or dramatic action.. [Italian, after Oratorio , the Oratory of Saint Phili ( Full Answer )
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Who performs in an oratorio?

An oratorio does not have acting, scenery, or costumes as an opera does but does have arias, recitatives, chorus, and orchestra.
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What is an example of an oratorio?

An oratorio is a sacred vocal genre based on Biblical content, for example, Johann Sebastien Bach wrote "The Christmas Oratorio" which was based on the birth of Jesus Christ f ( Full Answer )
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What is a oratorio piece?

An oratorio piece is a piece of classical music with lyrics based on the Bible. Usually oratorio involves both a choir and soloist but not always. Handel's Messiah is an exa ( Full Answer )
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What does the narrator do in an oratorio?

The action in the oratorios was usually depicted with the help of a narrator, in a series of recitatives and arias, ensemble numbers such as duets and trios, and choruses. So ( Full Answer )
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How do you use oratorio in a sentence?

the oratorio was lecturing in the theatre An oratorio is a musical composition, therefore cannot lecture. It is for voices and orchestra, telling a religious story. So a s ( Full Answer )
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What is the characteristics of oratorio?

An oratorio is a piece of music which is especially based on one or a series of incidents relating to a religion. Most of the oratorios were composed in Baroque period; Handel ( Full Answer )
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What is a baroque oratorio?

An oratorio is a large musical composition comprised of an orchestra, a choir and soloists. Similar to an opera in the story telling, but different in it is just music not si ( Full Answer )