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What is orbit?

A path the Earth and other planets take around the Sun.due to which we have diffrent seasons.the length of earths orbit is 938,900,000 km and earth moves at the velocity of (MORE)

What is an orbital?

An orbital is the orbit (energy level) in which the electron spins around an atom. The arrangement of electrons in the outer orbitals determines the physical and chemical char (MORE)

What is an orbit?

Orbit is the word for the pathway along which heavenly bodies will revolve around other bodies.

What is a orbital?

An orbital is the region around the nucleus where an electron can be found. One cannot really predict the position of an electron but one can surely determine the probability (MORE)

What are orbits?

the earth is falling into the sun , however, its orbital speed is precisely enough to counteract this

What is orbiting?

an area or path where objects or an object revolves and moves around for example the planets of the solar system are in an orbit

What is a orbit?

Who cares? . Many people. This is one of the questions that people ask very often. Many branches of science require a precise classification scheme, otherwise people cannot (MORE)

An orbit is?

In physics, an orbit is the gravitationally curved path of one object around a point or another body, for example the gravitational orbit of a planet around a star. (Source: h (MORE)

What does an orbiter do?

It orbits a planet or other body. Satellites are orbiters. Usually the orbiter collects data about the body it is orbiting. This can involve photography, spectroscopy, etc.

Why do you orbit?

Objects orbit because planets, stars, and other large objects in space have their own gravitational pull. If it gets close enough, it will be pulled toward the object with a g (MORE)