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What is the orbit of the earth?

The orbit of the earth is an ellipse. Look down at the plate you are holding, see the circle. Rotate an edge toward the floor and see the outline turn into a football shape. (MORE)

How do you shoot on orbit dark orbit?

To shoot you can press the Ctrl button for lasers and space for rockets. Double-click an enemy to start a laser attack make a hot key: 1 is laser 2 is single rocket and 3 is (MORE)

What is orbit?

A path the Earth and other planets take around the Sun.due to which we have diffrent seasons.the length of earths orbit is 938,900,000 km and earth moves at the velocity of 1 (MORE)
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What is the difference between an orbit and an orbital?

Orbitals are 3D while orbits are 2D Orbitals determine the most probable location where the electron pairs are found Orbits determine the energy level of the electrons O (MORE)

What orbits Earth?

  The Moon, various man made satellites and objects, and bits of dust and dirt.  
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What is synchronous orbit?

  A synchronous orbit is an orbit whose period is the same as the period of rotation of the parent body. If the orbit is circular, the orbiting body remains above the same (MORE)

What does Ceres orbit?

Ceres is a dwarf planet that orbits the Sun in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter  
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What is difference between orbit and orbital?

The only thing they have in common is the first five letters. An orbit is, basically, something going around something else in a well-defined and predictable path (usually a (MORE)