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What does orbit mean?

The word orbit can be either a noun, in which case it means the path taken by one object (such as a planet) as it circles around another object (such as the sun) or it can be (MORE)

What is orbit?

A path the Earth and other planets take around the Sun.due to which we have diffrent seasons.the length of earths orbit is 938,900,000 km and earth moves at the velocity of 1 (MORE)
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What is the difference between an orbit and an orbital?

Orbitals are 3D while orbits are 2D Orbitals determine the most probable location where the electron pairs are found Orbits determine the energy level of the electrons O (MORE)
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What is valence orbital?

A valence electron, also known as valence orbital, is basically  composed of electron and atoms that can make a chemical bond.  Valence electrons identify other elementÕs c (MORE)
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Does Mars orbit?

  Mars orbits the sun, as does Earth and the other planets of the solar system.
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What are the Difference between orbit and orbitals?

The difference between orbit and orbitals is that "orbit" is the term used by Neils Bohr while the term "orbital" was used by Werner Heisenberg. Orbit is a concept from celes (MORE)

What is difference between orbit and orbital?

The only thing they have in common is the first five letters. An orbit is, basically, something going around something else in a well-defined and predictable path (usually a (MORE)

What is a degenerate orbital?

"Degenerate" in this sense means "indistinguishable" or more specifically "having the same energy." Properly speaking, the word shouldn't be used for a single orbital; it ref (MORE)