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What is an equation for the orbital decay of two 1.4 solar mass neutron stars orbiting each other at some given radius?

dr/dt=(-64/5)(G^3/c^5)(m1*m2)((m1+m2)/r^3)   t=r^4*[15*5/(64*16*4)]*[(c^5/G^3)/(m1*m2(m1+m2))]    => t =  (60*10^3)^4*(75/4096)*((3*10^8)^5/((6.673*10^-11)^3)/((1.4*1 (MORE)

If you are embalmed do you decay?

  Yes, but not nearly as quickly as if you weren't embalmed. And some embalming works better than others and can really prolong the condition of the body in a good state. (MORE)

What is orbit?

A path the Earth and other planets take around the Sun.due to which we have diffrent seasons.the length of earths orbit is 938,900,000 km and earth moves at the velocity of 1 (MORE)

How do teeth decay?

Teeth get decayed when the bacteria (plaque) that lives in your mouth sticks to your teeth, feeds on the carbohydrates (eg. sugar, starch etc) that you eat and the produces ac (MORE)

Decay rate vs decay factor?

For decay rates/decay factors in functions:   The decay rate is the actual amount you are substituting into an  equation. For example, a common exponential function such (MORE)

Why does food decay?

  Food decays and rots due to the growth of organisms that develop over time. These organisms feed on the food item, causing it to decay and become unfit for human consump (MORE)

Why do isotopes decay?

Isotopes that are unstable are prone to nuclear decay. They decay because the nuclei of the atoms of that isotope are unstable. The instability within the nuclei creates possi (MORE)

What is decay?

Decay means to rot or to become decomposed. For example: The tomato started to decay. Hope this helps!!
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Do bones decay?

Bone marrow can decay; the outer, more solid portion of bones often don't, which is why bones are recovered from archaeological sites or become fossils that in some cases last (MORE)

What is radioactive decay?

Radioactive decay is the spontaneous change or disintegration of an  unstable atomic nucleus as it transforms itself to lose energy. It  does this by the release of either p (MORE)