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What is an orchestra?

An orchestra is a group of musicians playing together. This group  usually consists of strings, percussion, woodwind and brass  instruments, but there can be other instrumen (MORE)

What was the Age of Enlightenment?

The Age of Enlightenment (or simply the  Enlightenment) is the era in Western philosophy,  intellectual, scientific and cultural life, centered upon the 18th  century, in w (MORE)

What is the Age of Enlightenment?

Enlightenment means "to shine a light on." During the  Enlightenment, the scientific method was applied to theology,  history, morality, and politics. The Enlightenment was (MORE)

What writers were associated with the Age of Enlightenment?

The Enlightenment (1700-1800 CE) was an age of intellectual and  philosophical production. There are many writers associated with  the Enlightenment. In 1748, David Hume wro (MORE)

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