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What are ores?

They are rocks that are chemical compounds of useful metals with nonmetallic elements such as oxygen or sulfur. They are purified with chemical methods that take away the impu (MORE)
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What is ore?

A mineral or an aggregate of minerals from which a valuableconstituent, especially a metal, can be profitably mined orextracted. a natural material whose concentration of eco (MORE)
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What is an ore?

An ore is a naturally occurring material containing one or more extractable, economically valuable minerals. The term also refers to the minerals thus extracted. Most often th (MORE)

What is metal ore?

When there is enough of a metal or a metal compound in a rock to make it worth extracting
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What can ores do?

they can be refined into more well known building materials such as Steel and Aluminium
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What is ore and where can you find ore?

An ore is a type of rock that contains minerals such as gemstones and metals that can be extracted through mining and refined for use. Samples of ore in the form of exceptio (MORE)

Is ore a compound?

There is no one chemical named "ore". However, every ore contains lots of atoms, in covalent or crystalline bonds. This makes every ore a compound of some kind, or even a coll (MORE)
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Which are ore of lead?

Galena is the most abundant ore of lead although you can also find it in cerussite and anglesite.
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Alumina is the ore of?

Alumina is AlO 2 , it is an ore of aluminum. (And technically Oxygen, but that's almost certainly not what you meant)