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What is super ors?

Super-ORS are the special types of ORS which instead of mono-sugars contain more complex sugars. They may be Food- based ( as rice-based ) or otherwise be starch-free(Glycine (MORE)
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What is concentrating an ore?

Concentrating an ore is when you remove all the sand, rocks and other useless material from the ore. All ores are concentrated so that the percentage of the metal in it is inc (MORE)

What currency is the ore?

An ore is the smallest currency unit in various Scandinavian countries. The purchasing power of 1 ore is so small that the lowest denomination coins are either 50 or 100 ore. (MORE)
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Is lead an ore?

Lead is not an ore. Lead is a metal which is obtained by refining  lead ore (or which may be a byproduct of the refinement of other  metals).
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What is an ore?

An ore is a naturally occurring material containing one or more extractable, economically valuable minerals. The term also refers to the minerals thus extracted. Most often t (MORE)

Is aluminum an ore?

  Answer   No. Aluminum is a metal. The ore from which aluminum is refined is called bauxite. It is abundant in Jamaica, among other places.
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How do you get iron ore?

Iron ore is mined from the earth's surface and most usually by surface mining (which is relatively cheaper and efficient than underground mining).   The ore is first extrac (MORE)
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What is the meaning of ore?

An ore is a mineral or an aggregate of minerals from which a valuable constituent, especially a metal, can be profitably mined or extracted. (The Free Dictionary)
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Is ore a compound?

There is no one chemical named "ore". However, every ore contains lots of atoms, in covalent or crystalline bonds. This makes every ore a compound of some kind, or even a coll (MORE)