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What is an organism?

An organism is an individual form of life, such as plants, animals,protist, bacterium, or fungi. It is a body made up of organs,organelles, or other parts that work together t (MORE)
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What is an organization?

a group of people who work together. The act or process of organizing. The state or manner of being organized: a high degree of organization. Something that has been organized (MORE)

What is organic?

Organic foods are those that are farmed without chemical  fertilizers and pesticides.    relating to or derived from living matter.
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What is an organ?

In biology The human body and animal bodies are very organized.Specialized groups of cells form tissues, tissues form organs, andorgans form body systems. An organ is a sp (MORE)
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Why do you have organs?

You have organs and it helps your body function, also some of the main parts are   * brain,  * heart,  * small instestine,  * large instestine,  * stomach,  * appendix (MORE)

What does an organ do?

Organs do many things: they are functional unIts in your body, such  as your heart, stomach, brain, and even your skin! An organ is a  group of tissues that perform an opera (MORE)

What is organizing?

Organizing is when you get things ready beforehand. Here is an example: If it was a Friday and someone was going to the beach the next day (Saturday), they can be organized (MORE)