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What is 'loft' in bowling?

Loft is the period during which a bowling ball is falling through the air before landing on the lane. In general, excessive loft is undesirable, as the force of a heavy bowl (MORE)
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What is dura loft?

A Hollow Fiber used for Insulation in: * Sleeping Bags * Jackets * etc.
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What are 3 organ systems of an animal?

"3 Organ systems" are far too few. You have: Respiratory System: Deals with oxygen intake and carbon dioxide removal. Digestive System: Ingestion, digestion, and absorbtion o (MORE)

What do you do i have a hive in my loft?

A hive is an artificial home provided by a beekeeper to keep his bees in. What you will have in your loft is a nest. If the nest looks like a grey paper football, it will be a (MORE)
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How much does a loft conversion cost on a 3 bedroom?

This is not a straightforward answer as unfortunately it is all dependent on how big the surface area is above your house, as you can appreciate all homes tend to differ in si (MORE)