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With whom did sin originate?

The First Sin commited according to the scriptures was by Eve when Satan tempted her into eating an apple from a tree which GOD had forbidded. She gave the same apple to Ada (MORE)

Who first called slavery the original sin of America?

The earliest reference I could find isthe "dreadful fruitfulness of  the original sin of the African trade" - in a letter from James  Madison to the Marquis de Lafayette, No (MORE)

What is meant by original sin?

Original sin is said to result from the Fall of Man, when Adam and  Eve ate the forbidden fruit of a particular tree in the Garden of  Eden. This first sin ("the original si (MORE)

What is the difference between original sin and personal sin?

  Original sin is the fallen human nature that we all inherit because of the first, or "original" sin of Adam and Eve, when they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good a (MORE)

Can God forgive original sin?

Of course God can forgive all your sins by saying the truth to him and never lie to him. God also forgive you by remembering your end. He will forgive your sins. say sorry to (MORE)

What was the original Hebrew meaning of the word sin?

The Hebrew word which is translated as "Sin" in the English Bible,  was "Het" (חטא), which meant to err, or miss the mark. In the  Judaic religious sense it meant to fail (MORE)

What takes away original sin?

A:Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430) introduced the notion of original sin to the western half of the Christian Church, although it was never accepted in the Greek-speaking ea (MORE)
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What is the meaning of original sin and dedinition?

The phrase 'original sin' comes from the story of Adam and Eve in  the Christian bible. In he text - God told Adam and Eve not to eat  from the 'tree of knowledge'. The serp (MORE)