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Why are people born with original sin?

Another answer from our community:    Sin is said to have transcended all the way down from the years of  Adam and Eve. When they ate the forbidden fruit after God had (MORE)

Original meaning of the word sin?

The Old English word sin meant 'to miss the mark' and was used in archery and elsewhere. Related words exist in old Norse and German. The word translated as sin in the New T (MORE)
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Do Muslims believe in original sin?

No, Muslims do not believe that the sin of Adam was passed on to his offspring. Muslims believe that they are responsible for their own actions only, not that of Adam. Some (MORE)

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What are the original seven deadly sins?

1. Lust - Sexual Actions 2. Greed - Want of Everything, Whether You  Can Have It Or Not   3. Sloth - Lazy Actions 4. Wrath - Anger 5. Pride - Over Excited  and Happy for (MORE)

Is original sin an actual sin or is it inherited?

The Apostolic Fathers and the Apologists mostly dealt with topics other than original sin. The doctrine of original sin was first developed in second-century Bishop of Lyon Ir (MORE)

How does Original Sin affect us?

Adam and Eve lived in paradise. They had everything God had to  offer, but they sinned by disobedience and did what God had told  them not to do.   Adam is the federal h (MORE)

What is the Christian concept of original sin?

Another answer from our community:    The concept of 'original sin' is actually a pre-Christian  concept. Christianity only began after Christ Jesus died and  was res (MORE)