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When did the Original Six begin?

    Start of the Original Six     The Original Six is the term used by fans of ice hockey to refer to the six National Hockey League teams that existed from t (MORE)

What is the Arab origin?

All Arabs had originally come from the Arabian Peninsula, particularly from " Yemen" which was called in the past "بلاد العرب السعيده"i.e. the Happy Arabian (MORE)

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Where does the ferret originate from?

Within the genus Mustela, ferrets belong to the subgenus Putorius , from which there are only three extant species: M. putorius , the European polecat; M. eversm (MORE)

How did the original court system originate?

In early biblical times Moses heard all the complaints from his tribe. In time the tribe grew to large to resolve all the disputes of his people. He then formed a court system (MORE)

Where did marinades originate from?

 Origin of the Word Marinade    However, originally, marinades were really just salt water, which  helped to preserve the meat or fish, and of course, imparted flavor (MORE)
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What are the origins of Nanotechnology?

Nano technology has its origins in the properties of Atoms, or  Atomic Physics.   One of the first to describe this future technology discipline was  Dr. Richard Feynman (MORE)