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When were the original six teams formed?

The "Original Six" refers to the teams that made up the NHL before the first major expansion in the 1960's. Actually, the term "Original Six" is somewhat misleading as it impl (MORE)
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What is the original form of a verb?

The original form of a verb is called the infinitive. It's the base  form of the verb with the word "to" in front of it. It's the  unconjugated verb: to walk, to run, to jum (MORE)
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What is organismic self?

The Organismic Self is only truly intact for a short space of time, it soon becomes corrupted by what is called the "Self Concept". Self Concept is the term given to explain o (MORE)

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Where did the republic form of government originate?

Many people consider the ancient city State of Athens to have had the oldest republic as a form of government. The Roman Empire was until Augustus became Emperor also a republ (MORE)

What is the noun form of original?

The word 'original' is both an adjective and a noun . The noun 'original' is a word for an eccentric or unusualperson; a word for a first form of something from which other (MORE)