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Is Orion a circumpolar?

The short answer is "no". And now, this contributor will rush in where angles fear to tread: When you stop and think about it, the term "circumpolar" is really misleading. (MORE)

Was Orion immortal?

He was a god. No. Orion was the great-hunter hero of a culture that probably pre-dated the Greek and got absorbed into the Classical Greek mythology. He was killed either by (MORE)

Why is Orion important?

Orion is important for many reasons (I'm assuming you mean the spacecraft that just launched a week ago). It's as important as the Apollo capsule was for its time because it i (MORE)

What is the legend of Orion?

There are lots of versions of this myth but hear are some: Version 1: Orion was the son of the sea- god Neptune, and the great huntress, Queen Euryale. He inherited her hunti (MORE)

Is Orion a god?

No. In Greek mythology Orion was a demigod son of Poseidon. He was a companion of Artemis, goddess of the hunt, until he was killed by the goddess or by a scorpion. The conste (MORE)

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What galaxy is Orion in?

Orion lies deep within the Milky Way Galaxy. Indeed, it is a mere 1500 light years from us. The rim of our galaxy is some 20,000 light years away. Our sun is on one side of a (MORE)

Where can Orion be seen?

Orion is one of the few constellations that can be seen from anywhere on Earth, but it's not visible in at certain times of year. It's visible in the northern hemisphere in wi (MORE)

How far is Orion?

Orion [See Link] is a constellation and thus has many stars of different distances from us.    The nearest is GJ 3379 at around 17 light years.   The brightest is R (MORE)

What color is orion?

Orion is a constellation consisting of many different stars. Orion doesn't have a "color" of its own. The two major stars are the red giant Betelgeuse, and the blue-white supe (MORE)

When was the Orion constellation discovered?

Constellations don't actually exist, (the stars in them exist, but  ... with very few exceptions ... the only connection between the  stars in any given constellation is tha (MORE)