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What is architecture?

Architecture is constructing a building or designing something either by a computer or person. Architecture is also for creating a system.   1. The science or profession o (MORE)

What is ornamental crops?

Ornamental crops are those crops grown for display purposes such as prevention of erosion,protection of soil cover,beautification,sources of local herbs etc...

How do you get a glass ornament in Pokemon emerald?

Glass ornament is received in the Arts Museum at Lilycove City. To get it, you must win each type of master rank contest (cool, cute, smart, tough, beauty) and have your Pokem (MORE)

What is an ornamental tuft?

A tuft is a cluster of something gathered closely together -- you  can have a tuft of hair, feathers, grass, etc. An ornamental tuft  is most likely for decoration. Hats can (MORE)

How do you get into architecture?

You could either study it, or have it in you! Many people who study architecture have their own ideas how buildings should look like! You could start by joining forum conversa (MORE)