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Who was Orpheus?

Orpheus was a great musician, his playing moved not only animals and plants but even rocks and the elements. He was the son of the muse Calliope. His father was either Apollo (MORE)
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How did Orpheus die?

Orpheus was inconsolable at this second loss of his wife. He spurned the company of women and kept apart from ordinary human activities. A group of Ciconian Maenads, female de (MORE)
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What is Orpheus symbol?

He played the lyre and sang so well that the wild animals were tamed and the rivers stopped to listen. He was believed to have invented the hexameter The symbol for Orpheus is (MORE)
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What is the Orpheus Theory?

when a computer is designed that will be able to design a computer more advanced than itself then we will have crossed the line and computer evolution will be quicker than our (MORE)
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Who was Orpheus Fisher?

Orpheus Hodge "King" Fisher was born July 11, 1899 in Chester Pa. His parents were George Albert Fisher and Pauline Conklin, both originally from Baltimore, Maryland. On Jul (MORE)
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What killed Orpheus?

Orpheus was killed by the men and woman of the people who lived near him. He was ripped limb from limb and was thrown into a sea.
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What is orpheus god of?

Orpheus wasn't a god. His story was that his wife died and he wanted her back, so he went to the Underworld to get her back. He almost succeeded, but when Alecto (a Fate) led (MORE)
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How do you do a report on Orpheus?

Instead of googleing it or going on crapy website with false info, go on a scholarly website and find good information and do a report
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What are Orpheus' powers?

He had no godly powers, but he was a wonderful harp player. When he played of something sad, even the animals and rocks cried.