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What art movement does Patrick Nagel belong to?

  The best definition would be "Post-Pop Art" or "Post-Modern." The artists in Nagel's circle were often fashion illustrators who worked under the rules of their respectiv (MORE)

Who is the Spiritual Father of the Environmental Art Movement?

American Cultural Ambassador David Jakupca is credited and accepted with being the Founding and Spiritual Father of the Environmental Art Movement by many organizations includ (MORE)

When did surrealism art movement begin and end?

The surrealism art movement roughly began around 1917 and showed  more signs of slowing down around 1950. The surrealism art movement  is defined by art with visuals that fe (MORE)

When did the arts and crafts movement start?

The Arts and Crafts Movement was a British, Canadian, Australian and American design movement that flourished between 1880 and 1910. It was instigated by the artist and writer (MORE)

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What art movement did Paul Cezanne belong to?

He was a Post-impressionist artist, but changed the 19th century concept of art into a new and totally different world known as Cubism during the 20th century. He started to e (MORE)

What is Paul Gauguin's art movement?

Paul Gauguin was a part of the Post-Impressionist art movement that  explored underlaying structure of forms as well as the elements and  principles of design
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