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What films did Orson Welles direct?

Orson Welles directed several films and portions of films, some of them uncredited. His most famous directorial efforts were Citizen Kane, Othello, Macbeth, Touch of Evil, and (MORE)

What is it that makes Orson Welles such a great filmmaker?

  The Word "Great" is debatable. And as I doubt any renown Film Makers are in the house, and as only a Film Maker would know, as "It takes one to know one" for Example, no (MORE)

Does Orson Welles have a son?

Yes, according to Wikipedia: "His only known son, British director  Michael Lindsay-Hogg (Sir Michael Lindsay-Hogg, 5th baronet, born  May 5, 1940), is from Welles's affair (MORE)

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