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What is three-pillow orthopnea?

Three pillow orthopnea is a sign that you have trouble breathing. It means that you can only breathe easily if you are not lying flat -- e.g. if you are leaning partially upri ( Full Answer )
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What is orthopnea?

Orthopnea means difficulty breathing when lying flat or, stated another way, easy breathing only when upright.
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Is 3 pillow orthopnea grammatically correct?

"3" should be written out as a word, as it is less than ten, and I suggest a hyphen, making it "three-pillow orthopnea."
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What is the CPT code for Orthopnea?

Orthopnea is a symptom, not a procedure. It can have an ICD9 code but not a CPT code.
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What happens when one has orthopnea?

When one has orthopnea, one has a shortness of breath whenever one lays on a flat surface. Orthopnea causes dyspnea and Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea.