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Orthpedic should be orthotic. Fencing grips do not go on the feet.?

Fencing   1: French grip - A simple bar with no special grip, moulded slightly to the shape of the hand. 2: Pistol/Orthopoedic grip - Held as you would a pistol, shaped (MORE)
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What is an orthotics?

An Orthotic or Orthoses is a medical device used for correcting the body, most people refer to foot orthoses when referring to orthotics. A foot orthoses or foot orthotic is (MORE)

Is orthotic is a treatment for an ankle equinus?

An "orthotic" is an adjective, not a noun, although some people tend to use it as such. It is an orthosis or an orthotic device. An orthosis is a device used to 1. correct d (MORE)