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When are the Oscars?

The Academy Award (Oscar) show is broadcast live in February or  March of each year.   The 80th Annual Academy Awards or as they are better known, the  Oscars, took plac (MORE)
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Why do they have Oscars?

The Academy of Motion Pic Arts & Science (A.M.P.A.S.) was an organization setup in 1927 by a few H'wood heavyweights led by Louis B.Mayer,with the sole intention of raising th (MORE)

Who is Cesar lombroso?

  Cesare Lombroso, born Ezechia Marco Lombroso (November 6, 1835 - October 19, 1909) was a Jewish-Italian criminologist and founder of the Italian School of Positivist Cri (MORE)
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When do you get an Oscar?

After doing good work on an excellent film, you will be eligible for an Oscar after your film has premiered in Los Angeles County. Then, you're producer or your studio will su (MORE)
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What did Cesar Chaves do?

cesar chaves gave work to people on the farms for more money to plant grapes but were also farmers at that time. when he assepted the farmers had the money they deserved for t (MORE)

What are the Oscars?

The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, are an annual awards ceremony. Awards are given out for cinematic excellence. The awards ceremony is held by the Academy of Motio (MORE)

Who is Cesar brion?

  Former heavyweight Cesar Brion of Cordoba, Argentina. He was many years between the best heavyweights of the world in the '40 and '50.compiling a record of 48-11-9 (21 (MORE)

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How do you spell Cesar?

The Spanish given name is spelled Cesar. It is from the Latin word caesar which after Julius Caesar meant the ruler of the Roman Empire. The Italian form is Cesare (chez-ah- (MORE)