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What is the Levant?

  Answer   Levant are the countries bordering the Mediterranean from the east, which are Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt.
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Why do they have Oscars?

The Academy of Motion Pic Arts & Science (A.M.P.A.S.) was an organization setup in 1927 by a few H'wood heavyweights led by Louis B.Mayer,with the sole intention of raising th (MORE)
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Where is the Levant region?

  Levant, a name applied to the lands of the eastern Mediterranean. The term, once widely used but now becoming obsolete, usually refers to Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. It (MORE)
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Is Nancy Levant related to Oscar Levant?

  No. Nancy Levant was briefly married to Jonathan Levant, a poet, in the 1990's. Jonathan was not related to Oscar Levant. I was a friend of Jonathan's and know his famil (MORE)
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When are the Oscars?

The Academy Award (Oscar) show is broadcast live in February or  March of each year.   The 80th Annual Academy Awards or as they are better known, the  Oscars, took plac (MORE)
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What is Levant grain leather?

Leather with a characteristic drawn-grain pattern, produced originally by an astringent tannage, but nowadays by hand or machine boarding on vegetable or semi-chrome goat and (MORE)
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What are the levant counties?

The Levant includes most of modern Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian territories, and sometimes parts of Cyprus, Turkey and Iraq, and corresponds roughly to the (MORE)