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How are Antigone and Oskar Schindler related?

Antigone and Oskar Schindler are two people who both go against the law to do what they know is right inside. Antigone knows that she must honor the dead, so despite the law t (MORE)

What is Oskar Schindler known for?

"Oscar Schindler did what no other German or human being for that matter, at that time,was willing to do to protect a people and save a nation from mass genocide and religious (MORE)

Was oskar schindler a bad guy?

Oskar was definitely not a bad guy at the beginning of the story he is against the Jews but he learns how mistreated the Jews were and saves 1200 Jews by using his factory a (MORE)
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Where can one find new Hammacher Schlemmer coupons?

There are many discount websites where one can find these types of coupons. The retailmenot website will have a great selection of Hammacher Schlemmer coupons as well as many (MORE)

What are facts about Oskar Schindler?

Oskar Schindler was born into a wealthy business family on 28 April 1908 in Zwittau, now Svitavy, Bohemia, which was then part of Austria-Hungary, but is now the Czech Republi (MORE)

How Oskar Schindler saved the Jews?

He convinced Amon Goeth that "they were essential", even women and children. He then bought Jews from Amon, and forced them to work in his factory.
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