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What is osteomalacia?

Bones require calcium and phosphorus to be healthy and strong. In order to absorb the calcium and phosphorous you body utilizes vitamin D. Without vitamin D your bones will be ( Full Answer )
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How is osteomalacia treated?

Oral supplements of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus may be given depending on the underlying cause of the disorder.. Larger doses of vitamin D and calcium may be needed for ( Full Answer )
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What are the dental precautions for a patient with osteomalacia?

Osteomalaciam, commonly refered to as Rickets... softening of bone tissue. Causes are lack of sunlight, lack of vitamin D, and or the product of both used together in conjunct ( Full Answer )
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Why anemia occurs in osteomalacia?

Osteomalacia is associated with deficiency of Vitamin D (deficiency may be due to low dietry intake, less exposure to sunlight etc). Studies have shown that vitamin D has i ( Full Answer )
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Is osteomalacia life threatening?

Depends on the current condition of the person affiliated with osteomalacia. Osteomalacia means, in latin, Condition of softening of the bones. So your areas of the body where ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between osteomalacia and osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a degeneration of already constructed bone, this causes a decrease in the bone matrix volume, or holes in the bone, making the bones brittle. Osteomalacia is a ( Full Answer )
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Is there a cure for Osteomalacia?

When I was studying sports medicine at the University of North Carolina there is a cure called Cory Beach Medicine and is very heavy available in the SouthEastern Part of the ( Full Answer )
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How is osteomalacia commonly treated?

Osteomalacia is commonly treated by increasing ones vitamin D intake through their diet or by taking a concentrated supplement. Also having more exposure to the sun is recomme ( Full Answer )