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What is an ostrich?

Answer . An ostrich is a large, flightless bird native to Africa. More information can be found here:. A large bird that can run speed ( Full Answer )
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What is an ostrich kin?

The Ostrich kin would be called an emu, a somewhat smaller cousin of the ostrich
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Where does a ostrich live?

In the wild the ostrich lives in the desert and also in the Africansavanna. Many zoos all over the world have ostriches.
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What do Ostriches eat?

Ostriches are omnivores and feed on plant vegetation such as seeds, grains, fruit, shoots, leaves and flowers. They may also feed on large insects such as locusts. Because ost ( Full Answer )
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Are there ostriches in Mexico?

Ostriches are not found native or naturally in Mexico but are keptas farm animals for their meat, feathers, and skin. Some escape andcan be seen 'wild'.
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Why are Ostrichs endangered?

The ostrich is quite common, not endangered. This world's largest bird is listed as "Least Concern".
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What is the personality of an ostrich?

People who have an "ostrich" leadership personality tend to be calm and soft-spoken. Having an easygoing personality is a strength; it allows them to get along well with every ( Full Answer )
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What can ostriches do?

Ostriches have many extraordinary capabilities. Like most animals, ostriches are able to breathe, blink, walk, run (even while pulling chariots, which is something that is so ( Full Answer )
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Is a ostrich a dinosaur?

Birds evolved from dinosaurs, and are considered a group of dinosaurs. Ostriches are a type of bird. Therefor, they are dinosaurs (the largest dinosaurs alive today).