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What are good songs to make love to I love Massive Attack's slower songs but what are some other songs that will heighten that special moment when it comes?

Massive Attack is awesome...definitely recommend the remix by Mad Professor, No Protection    Up the same vein is the Laika Come Home Remix of the first Gorillaz album (MORE)

What is the lyrics of the song no other love by victor wood?

I No Other Love can warm my heart Now that I've known the comfort of your arms No other love. Oh the sweet contentment that I find with you Every Time Every Time. (MORE)

What other songs are like hey soul sister?

Some songs like "Hey Soul Sister" are    "Falling for You" by Cobie Caillat  "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble  "I'm Yours" Jason Mraz  
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What other song artists sang the 1950 hit song patricia?

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What is the Irish song that says And neither one knew that the other was dead?

I'm fairly certain that the tune is The Irish Washerwoman, but I don't think the words you're referencing are original to the tune although they're always sung to it. (Someon (MORE)

What other songs did Benjamin orr sing besides drive?

Benjamin sings the following songs off the following albums: The Cars (1978) - Bye Bye Love, Just what I Needed, Moving In Stereo and All Mixed Up Candy-O (1979) - Let's G (MORE)

What are songs by justin bieber feat other artists?

First Dance ft Usher Baby ft Ludacris Somebody To Love ft Usher Overboard ft Jessica Jarrell Eenie Meenie ft Sean Kingston Never Say Never ft Jaden Smith Up ft Kaye W (MORE)