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How many children did Otis redding have?

Otis Redding had three children, with his wife Zelma. The couple  had two sons, Otis III and Dexter and a daughter, Karla. His most  well-known song, Dock of the Bay, was re (MORE)

Why is Otis Redding famous?

  Because Otis Redding was a wonderful song writer. You may recognize some of his hits such as "Sittin on the Dock of the Bay", he originally wrote "My Girl" (though it wa (MORE)
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Was Otis redding dead when he was lifted from the water?

Yes. if his body was pull from that very cold water a day later. His body was almost frozen when he was brought to the surface. Yes mr. Redding was dead and I am still sad abo (MORE)

How did Otis Redding die?

Plane crash, his single Dock Of The Bay was being mixed down with the final tracks, including horns, and he never got to hear them.
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Is Otis Redding alive?

no he is not he died on december 10th 1967 at the age of 26
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