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What you ought to do?

Answer . "What you ought to do?" Do the right thing. Don't do anything to anyone that you would not want someone to do to you. Be honest with youself. If you can't say som (MORE)

What is the meaning of ought?

Used to indicate obligation or duty: You ought to work harder than that. . 2. Used to indicate advisability or prudence: You ought to wear a raincoat. . 3. Used to indic (MORE)

What is the definition of the word ought?

The phrase "ought to" has the meaning "should", as in an obligation or recommended action. (The archaic negative is "ought not".) Example : "People ought to be more careful d (MORE)
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Should and Ought ...When to Use Each?

In common usage, the difference is one of specificity. SHOULD = A nonspecific suggestion For example: You should get your hair cut. In this example, no restrictio (MORE)

Ought - antonym?

The antonym of "ought" in the sense of should is "shouldn't" or"ought not:" "Jack ought to have joined in the fun." "No, he shouldn't have joined in if it wasn't fun for h (MORE)

What is a 30 ought 12 gauge?

A sophisticated gun that is not only single shot but also semi-automatic. It reloads its ammunition just by shaking the gun. Th bullet for the 30 ought 12 guage is very scary. (MORE)