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Deaths by ouija?

I don't know exactly, just don't deal with them! burn the board, don't bin it it wont solve your problem if it gets out of hand! and call a psychic medium if you think you hav (MORE)
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Where can you get a ouija board?

you can buy it at target, who ever wrote this answer is not specific enough, you don't have to buy a ouija board, you can make one. I made one before but be careful you someti (MORE)
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Are Ouija fake?

try one and find out they are very dangerous objects Answer If by fake, you mean if they put you into contact with "spirits", then yes it is fake. Ouija is a boardgame tr (MORE)
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Can you do ouija with paper?

It depends on if it looks good enough but I have a friend who knows somebody who did that and it worked.
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What is the ouija board?

A Ouija Board is a peace of paper that a specific writing on it that can bring spirits back to the human world without a sconce. It is usually used by immatures that use it in (MORE)
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Can you ouija in the light?

Yes, you can use your ouija board in the light, there is no rule stating that it has to be used at night. Many people prefer the night due to lack of vibrational disturbance, (MORE)
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What is ouija walking?

Now since i dont really know what the question is im just going to say that oujia boards are very true, and can be dangerous! I advise all of you people that are reading this (MORE)
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What is Ouijas?

Ouija is a combination of both French & German for 'Yes.' It isperhaps the fact that 'Yes' is one of the 2 basic answers for theboard game that it was given its name.
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Is the Ouija dangerous?

it can be depends on what you ask. be polite and calm if using. isuggest looking up way to protect your self, and ways to only talkto good spirits. never ask a dangerous spiri (MORE)