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Rosario vampire season 3?

There is in fact a great possibility of a Capu3 due to the recent uproar and popularity. Send them(Gonzo) a message and tell them how much you loved season 1+2, then tell them (MORE)

What is rosario vampire about?

Rosario Vampire is about a boy named Aono Tsukune going to a Monster school called Yokai Academy, and he meets this girl named Akashiya Moka. Moka isn't a normal girl either, (MORE)

Is there nudity in rosario plus vampire?

There is some nudity On some episodes But The story is not about that anyways, The Worst Thing U see In Rosario Vampire is girls under wear T_T Much Love ^_^ x x x
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Will there be a rosario vampire CAPU 3?

Yes there will be, it's just that Gonzo has had money issues, thats why Funimation took it over for a short time period & dubbed it to english, theres rumors that Gonzo made a (MORE)

Casimiro del rosario?

Casimiro Del Rosarioâ??s contribution to science in the areas of  physics, meteorology and astronomy. He earned recognition for his  work with soft x-rays, which required h (MORE)

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