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Rosario vampire season 3?

There is in fact a great possibility of a Capu3 due to the recent uproar and popularity. Send them(Gonzo) a message and tell them how much you loved season 1+2, then tell them (MORE)

Who does tskune rosario vampire choose?

You mean Tsukune Aono? from Rosario + Vampire...? Well he ends up with Moka Akashiya as very oftenly hinted in the Manga. Kumuru Kuruno gets some other guy, and Mizore Shirayu (MORE)

What is rosario vampire about?

Rosario Vampire is about a boy named Aono Tsukune going to a Monster school called Yokai Academy, and he meets this girl named Akashiya Moka. Moka isn't a normal girl either, (MORE)

Is there nudity in rosario plus vampire?

There is some nudity On some episodes But The story is not about that anyways, The Worst Thing U see In Rosario Vampire is girls under wear T_T Much Love ^_^ x x x
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Will there be a rosario vampire CAPU 3?

Yes there will be, it's just that Gonzo has had money issues, thats why Funimation took it over for a short time period & dubbed it to english, theres rumors that Gonzo made a (MORE)

Casimiro del rosario?

Casimiro Del Rosarioâ??s contribution to science in the areas of  physics, meteorology and astronomy. He earned recognition for his  work with soft x-rays, which required h (MORE)