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What rhymes with ourselves?

The following was found on The link to site is listed in the Related Links section. 1 syllable : delves, elves, selves, shelves 2 syllables ( Full Answer )
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How we can introduce ourselves?

I'm leila form iran , I'm 30 years old and i married , and have a daughter , I work in the big company as purchasing expert , I like to travel all around the word and fine fer ( Full Answer )
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Who are ourselves in the preamble?

... establish the blessings of liberty on ourselves and our prosperity ... . The founders are referring to the American people, including themselves. . --Charlie G.
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How do you define ourselves?

The word 'ourselves' means 'us' or 'those like us'. It is frequently used - like 'myself' - reflexively, as in, 'I cut myself shaving; in fact, we all cut ourselves shaving ( Full Answer )
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Why do we wash ourselves?

For many reasons a) comfort - being dirty is uncomfortable b) hygiene - being dirty can lead to diseases c) other people - being smelly is unpleasant for others.
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What is the pronoun of ourselves?

The pronoun 'oursleves' is the first person, plural, reflexive (or intensive) pronoun. Example as a reflexive pronoun: John and I made ourselves somebreakfast. Example as an ( Full Answer )
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How can you help ourselves?

Look at the problems you have, think about how they may be solved,choose a solution and implement it.
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Is ourselves a noun?

No, the word 'ourselves' is not a noun. The word 'ourselves' is a reflexive pronoun , which'reflects' back on the antecedent. The reflexive pronouns are: First person: myself ( Full Answer )
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Is ourselves a verb?

No, the word 'ourselves' is a pronoun , a reflexive pronoun,a word that takes the place of a plural noun (or pronoun), or twoor more nouns, and 'reflects back' to that noun. ( Full Answer )
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Is ourselves an adjective?

No, it is a pronoun. It is the first person plural, reflexive case,e.g. We did it ourselves .