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When will the 720p be outdated?

Answer . 720p is one of the two main HD resolutions being used. The other is 1080i. The number refers to the number of lines making the picture and the letter refers to the (MORE)

Can you eat outdated Nutrisystem food?

  Absolutely !! Nutrisystem food is prepackaged and well preserved. It is dated for quick consumption, so that you will order more quickly. ( Nutrisystem wants you to eith (MORE)

How long is outdated brie safe?

Outdated brie is generally safe for a week or two after the use by  date. You will be able to tell if the brie has gone bad when you  open the package, smell it and look it (MORE)

Is The Bible outdated?

Some say it is; that the laws only apply to people thousands of years ago.    Some say that there is still much wisdom to be gained from studying the Bible.    I (MORE)

What to do about outdated check?

This recently happened to me. I called the issuer (tax refund agency) and they said to return it with a request to reissue it. Copy it and your letter first. Ths was after the (MORE)
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How do you cash outdated money orders?

You cannot. Money Orders are valid only for a certain period of time (Usually 90 days) and after that, they become worthless. They do not have any monetary value after the mon (MORE)

Why did the bayonet become an outdated weapon?

Whether it actually is outdated or not is subject to some degree of dispute. Arguments for the obsolescence of bayonets include the capacities of modern military rifles (30+ r (MORE)

Can outdated vicks vaporub be used?

Used for what? The active ingredients in VapoRub all have a strong, distinctivearoma. If it still has the characteristic odor, it should stillwork. If it smells rancid or ins (MORE)