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Is wallpaper outdated?

Answer . If you are trying to sell your house it might as well be considered out dated. Take it off the wall and paint a boring off white to make it a neutral space. Peopl (MORE)

What is the opposite of outdated?

Outdated means obsolete, unfashionable, antiquated, and out ofdate. Something that is outdated is not modern and sometimes is nolonger useful. The opposite of outdated is up-t (MORE)

Is The Bible outdated?

Some say it is; that the laws only apply to people thousands of years ago. Some say that there is still much wisdom to be gained from studying the Bible. Isaiah 40:8 The gra (MORE)

When was the telegraph outdated?

The telegraph is still in use but it has evolved and is in use in specialized circumstances. The telephone which was invented in 1876 would have gradually replaced the telegra (MORE)

Are nintendods outdated?

Actually, no. They aren't even though I do have a DSi, and all my other friends have the 3DS..... There are gonna be new games coming out for Nintendo DS. But most people will (MORE)

What to do about outdated check?

This recently happened to me. I called the issuer (tax refund agency) and they said to return it with a request to reissue it. Copy it and your letter first. Ths was after the (MORE)

Is monarchy outdated?

This is kind of a thing of opinion. Many countries in the world still work with forms of monarchy that work in modern times ( e.g UK) YOu can't say that is monarchy is outda (MORE)

Is vegetarianism outdated?

Vegetarianism is not outdated. There is an active community ofdoctors, nutritionists, actors, entertainers, models, athletes, andinventors promoting a plant-based diet for opt (MORE)