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How do you get on a commercial?

Usually in the news there would say something like "fommericail tryout" and you go to the address that it states and tryout.
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Is it true that now we can use LED lamps for lighting outdoors in residential industrial and commercial purpose What are benefits of using LEDs in such kind of lighting?

Of course LEDs are used in every area of lighting purposes. Be it for domestic, industrial or commercial purposes, LEDs are used everywhere since they are the most effective s (MORE)
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Where can you purchase commercial outdoor lighting?

Commercial outdoor lighting can be purchased from Lighting Universe, Easy Rack, H E Williams or IBC Commercial. Alternatively, you could try Toolstation or Home Depot who occa (MORE)
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What kinds of commercial outdoor lighting exist?

There are many different kinds of outdoor lighting such as area parking lot lighting, Bollards, Bulkheads wall lights, and emergency lighting. There is also exit signs, Compac (MORE)