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What is canoeing?

Canoeing is a water-based activity that involves paddling a canoe. The Canoeist is sat or kneels in the canoe and has a paddle (a long pole with blades on each end) the canoei (MORE)

When were canoes invented?

The oldest canoes that we have discovered date back to 8000 BCE,  but the technology was probably invented even earlier than that.  Since this predates writing and canoes te (MORE)

What is a canoe made of?

Canoes can be made out of a variety of materials. In pre-historic times, canoes were made either from large logs that had been hollowed out, or from tree branches, pine pitch (MORE)
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What is a scaffold outrigger?

As defined in Australian/NewZealand Standard AS/NZS1576.1 a Scaffold Outrigger is "a component (or components) that increases the effective base dimensions of a scaffold to in (MORE)

What is freestyle canoeing?

Freestyle canoeing is form of canoeing adopted forquiet still water canoeing and empahasizes smooth and efficient paddling and good boat control.
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How long is a canoe?

Canoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their length generally ranges from 14 feet to 18 feet, but some are as short as 10 feet and some as long as 30 feet or more. The (MORE)

What is the OSHA standard on dunnage under crane outriggers?

OSHA 1926, Subpart N- Cranes, Derricks, Elevators- does not appear to DIRECTLY address dunnage under outriggers. However- the standards DO require that a piece of equipment be (MORE)

What is the stern of a canoe?

The stern is the back of a canoe - or any boat (the front is the "bow"). If you aren't certain which is supposed to be the front or back of your canoe look at the seats. One o (MORE)