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How can you put a stop to an overbearing sibling?

  Answer     Am the middle child of 17 but we have one sister that stands out for her bossy tone and tantrums (she's 47). Unfortunately, people like this always h (MORE)

Why are grand parents overbearing?

  answer to overbaring grandparents   Grandparents are overbaring because it is their second chance at parenthood. This is the oppertunity to do what they should of d (MORE)

How do you deal with an overbearing Portuguese wife?

  You have to stop being a wimp and put her in her place. She wants you to take control, but thinks you are not man enough to do it. It will cause a fight as you know, but (MORE)
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What is a characteristic of overbearing?

Someone who thinks their way is the best way. They tend to have a domineering, better than thou type of personality. They come on very strong in their opinions.