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What does it mean if an aquifer has an overdraft?

It means that more water is being pumped out than is being replaced by rain.
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How does one apply for a overdraft with Halifax?

You can go to their site and go through their online banking system to accomplish this. Sign on to the Online Banking and select the 'change my overdraft limit' and follow the (MORE)

Why is interest rate on overdraft higher than that of loan?

To get a bank loan, the bank makes sure that you have a good credit rating and have good collateral before you get to touch their money. With an overdraft, not only are ther (MORE)

What is bank overdraft?

Bank Overdraft is a facility wherein a bank customer can withdraw more money than what is actually available in his/her account. Let us say I have an overdraft account with IC (MORE)

What is a bank overdraft?

A bank overdraft is when someone is able to spend more than what is actually in their bank account. Obviously the money doesn't belong to them but belongs to the bank so this (MORE)

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What are the Advantages and disadvantages of a bank overdraft?

Advantages of a bank overdraft include avoiding the embarrassment  of a charge or check being declined, as well as avoiding potential  fees that some places charged if a tra (MORE)

What is an overdraft limit?

Overdraft limit refers to the limit to the amount of money a customer can withdraw from his account even though there is zero balance in his account. For example, large compan (MORE)

What can Wells Fargo add to your account to eliminate overdraft fees?

Wells Fargo can add a feature called Debit Card Overdraft Service. This allows the account holder to use his/her debit card to make a purchase even if the funds aren't all th (MORE)