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What is an audit oversight?

  Answer Audit oversight   is the process of checking financial transactions/books of accounts of a puplic organisation to ensure statutory performance by a cartified (MORE)
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What is Oversight Function in political terms?

it is an action taken by the government.   Answer: Our elected officials are charged to oversee how our money is spent, how the government is run, etc.   An example of t (MORE)

What is oversight?

Oversight can mean two different things, depending on the context.  Generally, oversight means a mistake or an omission but it can also  mean supervision or management and i (MORE)

Define and describe congressional oversight?

a Congrssional oversight is a step in the process for ideas such as the foreign policy to supervise and over view all the aspects of this. it is most common that this over vie (MORE)

What is the purpose of legislative oversight?

Legislative oversight" refers to the legislature's review and evaluation of selected activities of the executive branch of government. The legislative branch conducts oversigh (MORE)