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How do you use the word overwhelmed in a sentence?

Overwhelm means to cover over completely; to overcome by superior force or numbers. She was overwhelmed at the many unexpected gifts she received for her birthday. The em (MORE)

What is overwhelmed?

  Being overwhelmed basically mean too much of something. Eg: If you were overwhelmed by emotions you would be very emotional, or you could be overwhelmed by you work (MORE)

How can consumers avoid being overwhelmed by the available choices in the marketplace?

Consumers can avoid being overwhelmed by the available choices in  the marketplace. One simple way is to buy only the cheapest  available item. Another way to avoid being ov (MORE)

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Overwhelming infection is one of the most important causes of death in burn patients what is the other major problem they face and what are its possible consequences?

dehydration. losing too much fluid through the spots where the skin has been burned off can kill the victim too.
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Give you sentences for the word overwhelm?

  I didn't want to overwhelm the students on the first day of school so I didn't assign them any homework.   My parents like to overwhelm me with chores, but my younger (MORE)

What does overwhelmed mean?

  it means that theres a lot to do and little time. so your overwhelmed with how much you need to get done and how much time you have and that you think you can't get it a (MORE)

How do you deal with a large overwhelming task or set of tasks?

during the education process there are so many assignments and  essay are needs to complete .This is the one of the difficult task  for essay writing service (MORE)

Why do most autistic individuals find social interactions to be too overwhelming?

Most austic individuals can find social events/interactions to be  too overwhelming and that depends if they were having them everyday  and they have them too long or consta (MORE)