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Can you overwrite a recordable CD?

Depends..... Look at the front of the disk. If it says "CD-RW," then the answer is yes. If it says "CD-R," then no. CD-RW stands for Compact Disk - Rewritable; meaning you (MORE)

How do you overwrite a audio CD?

You can't. Only R/W CDs can be overwritten. Most cheap (and all commercial music) CDs are write once, read many disks.
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What is the difference between insert and overwrite?

Insert allows to insert new text into existing text, without deleting the existing text. Overwrite writes over the existing text with the new text. For example, if my cursor (MORE)

How do you delete profiles in Professor Layton without overwriting them?

as such, no. but this is being considered by the game makers - Streetdog Well actually there is a way. But you will not only delete your profile, but the other two as well. I (MORE)
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Can you overwrite or edit or alter the details in a check?

Preferably NO. It is advisable not to rewrite/overwrite any contents in the cheque. But if situation warrants, we must counter-sign near the altered area to confirm that it wa (MORE)