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Where did Ovid live?

Publius Ovidius Naso known as the Roman poet, Ovid, was born in the Roman Republic in 43 BCE. Around 8 CE, he was banished by the emperor to Tomis in the Greek Colony, now Con (MORE)

What language is Ovid and Virgil?

They wrote and spoke Latin. Their work is often considered the highpoint of Latin literature and culture along with others like Horace and Lucan. Ovid was a well-known and pro (MORE)

What did ovid establishd?

Ovid did not really establish anything. His writing was a caricaturing of old themes, rather than an invention of anything new. He was considered one of the three canonic poet (MORE)

Why did Augustus banished Ovid?

The reasons for Ovid's exile are obscure. This has given rise to\nmany speculative explanations based on incorrect interpretations of Ovid's\nwork. Ovid gave obscure and contr (MORE)

What are Cicero Ovid Virgil?

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a statesman, orator, philosopher, constitutionalist, political theorist, moralist, and lawyer. He started his career as a lawyer later and wrote exte (MORE)