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What language is Ovid and Virgil?

They wrote and spoke Latin. Their work is often considered the highpoint of Latin literature and culture along with others like Horace and Lucan. Ovid was a well-known and pro (MORE)

Where did Ovid live?

Publius Ovidius Naso known as the Roman poet, Ovid, was born in the Roman Republic in 43 BCE. Around 8 CE, he was banished by the emperor to Tomis in the Greek Colony, now Con (MORE)

Why did Augustus banished Ovid?

The reasons for Ovid's exile are obscure. This has given rise to   many speculative explanations based on incorrect interpretations of Ovid's   work. Ovid gave obscure a (MORE)

How did Emperor Augustus reward Ovid for his work about love?

Augustus did not reward Ovid for his poetry. He exiled him to Tomis, on the Black Sea, in 8 AD. The reson for this is unknown. It has been speculated that it was because Ovid' (MORE)

Why was Ovid sent into exile in far corners of earth?

It is not known. There are several theories.  According to one theory Augustus personally banished Ovid because  in his Ars Amatoria he wrote about adultery and this clashed (MORE)

Why did Augustus permanent banish the poet Ovid from Rome?

It is not known. We know this exile only from Ovid's writing and he  did not give a clear reason for it. He said that he was exiled  because of and a mistake and only gave o (MORE)