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What are the objectives for oxfam?

Oxfam strives to abolish poverty and encourages those in a positionof power or wealth to heed the needs of the less fortunate. Theorganization's goal is to provide ways for in (MORE)
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What are the objectives of oxfam?

Oxfam's aim is to help the poor in developing countries. They try and make a differenrce in peopel's relieve povertyThere sevral aims and objectives of oxfam organisat (MORE)
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Who is the owner of Oxfam?

Oxfam is an international organization with its headquarters inOxford, England. It aims to find solutions to problems of povertyand the injustices around the world.
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What is the purpose of Oxfam?

Oxfam is a famous charity that works to end poverty. They aremainly known for providing disaster relief, but Oxfam also tries tochange laws that are unfair to the poor. Oxfam (MORE)
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What is purpose of oxfam?

Oxfam is acharity which means that the publicly cannot buy shares in thecompany. Most of their money is sent to countries in poverty to tryand help people who are facing world (MORE)
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Who founded oxfam?

it was not founded by one person, it was found by a group of independent non-goverment organizations (A.K.A. NGO)
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Why is the oxfam logo the oxfam logo?

The Oxfam logo appears to consist of an image consisting of the 'O' and 'X' letterforms, which also serve as the silhouette of a person, and a ribbon to promote the humanitari (MORE)
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Where does oxfam get their money from?

They get the money from their charity shops. The money they get from selling the second hand items they get from the public is where they get the money. Also, people donate to (MORE)
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Who are oxfams shareholders?

They do not have any shareholders. Just trustees, who are the Chair and Executive Director of Oxfam.
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What liability does oxfam have?

They have a certain amount of liability becuase they get support from the goverment and also have more then one director running the compant.