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What are subject pass requirements to get into Oxford?

I'm not specific in the GCSE requirements - but they will accept nothing less than AAA in A levels. Good Luck... Edit: You need to be predicted 3 A's at Alevels however they (MORE)

Which is older - Oxford or Cambridge?

Cambridge was founded in 1209 (it is celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2009). Oxford was founded a little bit earlier though the exact date is unknown. Cambridge was founde (MORE)

What is the origin of the city name Oxford?

  A ford is a shallow point in a river where it's easier to cross. Cities and towns whose names contain the suffix "ford" are traditionally located near important river cr (MORE)

How can you download the Oxford dictionary? - you'll either have to subscribe, or a lot of universities etc. have access via an Athens password.
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How hard is it to get in Oxford University?

I achieved A* and A's in GCSE subjects and A-Levels, so it was quite easy for me to get into Oxford , I only just started my history degree in September and to be perfectly ho (MORE)

Why is oxford named oxford?

The name Oxford derives from Oxen-ford, i.e. the place where the oxen could cross the river Thames, known locally as the Isis.
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What is Oregon Oxford debate?

The Judge presides over the debate and raises predetermined  questions at the appropriate times.
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Where is oxford?

Oxford, the 'city of dreaming spires', is a city in Oxfordshire, England. It is located northwest of London.
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