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Is nitric oxide an neutral oxide?

No, nitric oxide is acidic Nitric oxide is actually neutral. And for future reference, the other NOx gases are: = Nitrogen dioxide (N2O), acidic. = Dinitrogen monoxide ( (MORE)

Is aluminum oxide an amphoteric oxide?

Aluminum*)oxide is an amphoteric compound by being both 1. acidic and 2. alkaline 1. acidic It will dissolve in hydroxide (an alkaline solution): Al2O3 + 2OH- + 3H2O --> 2 (MORE)

What are oxides?

  An oxide is a chemical compound containing at least one oxygen atom as well as at least one other element. Ex. Carbon Dioxide (One carbona atom, two [di] oxygen atoms). (MORE)

Is tin oxide an amphoteric oxide?

Yes it is amphoteric it has approximately the same amount of ionic and covalent character making it amphoteric and thus reacting with both Acids such as HCl and Bases such as (MORE)

What is an oxide?

Something combined with oxygen. Some common examples are iron oxide (rust, or Fe2O3), titanium dioxide (TiO2), zinc oxide (ZnO), silicon dioxide (sand, or SiO2).
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What does a oxidizer do?

  allows chlorine, bromine, copper and silver to do their intended job of sanitizing
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What is oxidation?

Oxidation is a process in which a chemical substance changes  because of the addition of oxygen.    Oxidation describes the loss of electrons by a molecule,  atom or (MORE)
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What is oxidation-?

Oxidation is defined as the process of something oxidizing. This  means a deposit will form on a metal surface if it comes in contact  with a chemical that will react with i (MORE)