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What is oxymoron?

A term consisting of two contradictory words. Example: Tiny Giant.Note: the out come of the term does not affect wether or not it isan oxymoron. Also, the words have to contra ( Full Answer )
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What is an oxymoron?

An oxymoron is a conjoined pair of (seemingly) contradictory terms, e.g. deafening silence, pretty ugly, same difference, silent scream, or jumbo shrimp. The pairing, while a ( Full Answer )
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What are the examples of oxymoron?

Oxymorons are two words that are right by each other that can mean exactly opposite things like: big shrimp, pretty ugly, stupid genius, a little big, accurate estimate, awful ( Full Answer )
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If I am an airhead am I an oxymoron?

No, an oxymoron is two words together that mean completely opposite things like big shrimp, pretty ugly, or thinly spread.
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What does oxymoronical mean?

Oxymoronical relates to a statement that contains oxymorons. An example would be in response to a statement including oxymorons would be, "That was an oxymoronical statement." ( Full Answer )
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Sentences with oxymorons?

Here is a long phrase of lots of them in it: I can picture my friend 'Barking' Eddie, it's a pretty ugly sight. I see him half naked, sipping non-alcoholic beer from his pl ( Full Answer )
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What is an antonym of oxymoron?

There is no real antonym for 'oxymoron'; as close as you can come is 'synonym'.
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Is oxymoron an oxymoron?

Yes. The common part of grammar/speech "Oxymoron", is technicality a, well, oxymoron. The first part of the phrase, "Oxy" means smart, Whereas "Moron", as we know, means dimwi ( Full Answer )
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How do you use an oxymoron?

An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas or terms are combined eg thunderous silence, sweet sorrow. There is an abundant lack of volunteer ( Full Answer )
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Oxymoron and examples?

Oxymorons are just statements that contradict each other. For instance: Pretty Ugly: She was pretty ugly when I first met her from online. Intense Calm: An intense calm cam ( Full Answer )