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Oxymoron and examples?

Oxymorons are just statements that contradict each other. For instance: Pretty Ugly: She was pretty ugly when I first met her from online. Intense Calm: An intense calm cam (MORE)

What are oxymorons used for?

An oxymoron is a phrase that seems to contain contradictory elements. e.g. a large minority, 'bitter-sweet', valuable rubbish. Oxymorons are used for many reasons. One rea (MORE)

What is oxymoron?

It is a figure of speech where an adjective is applied to a noun which is opposite in meaning. "Slow hurrying", "brilliant stupidity", "tedious excitements" are examples.
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Is 'near-miss' an oxymoron?

  Sure.   Answer B   No. Near would mean close but not quite touching, and miss also means nearly hitting, or not hitting what you where trying to, but either way (MORE)

Is a oxymoron a combination of contradictory terms?

No. That is simply a contradiction in terms. An oxymoron is a literary figure that deliberately juxtaposes seemingly contradictory words, generally a noun and an adjective, fo (MORE)

What are some examples of oxymoron in the raven?

oxymoron: a figure of speech with a pair of apparently  contradictory terms   Stanza 11, line 5: dirges of his Hope   Stanza 15, line 3: desert land enchanted   S (MORE)

Is 'welcome disturbance' an oxymoron?

Yes. An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines words or phrases that would usually be contradictory. For example: Living Dead, Dark Lighting. Based on that definition, " (MORE)