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Why do raccoons pace?

We have 2 pet raccoons and sometimes in their cage they pace back and forth. We would like to know why they do this. We want to be sure we are not doing anything wrong.

Why do dogs pace?

Dogs pace because they get nervous. Dogs may also pace in order toprotect their environments both inside and outside of the home.
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Who is the Pace Family?

The Pace Family Originates from the small island of Malta and are pure woggs. Lol I am Rachael Pace
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What is pace in poetry?

pace is how short lines and words are so it is fast or slow to read. fast is usually happy whereas slow is generally sad
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What is in pace requiescate?

"Requiescate in pace" literally translates to Rest in Peace, in the film Tombstone it was reversed to in pace requiescate for reasons of poetic measure.
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Do horses pace?

Some horses pace naturally. Standardbreds are raced as trotters, pacers (with hobbles) and free legged pacers. There are instances of pacing horses in a number of breeds, even (MORE)

What is a snail's pace?

A snails pace is an idiom, a snail moves very slowly, so a snailspace means to move very slowly, e.g. The work is progressing at asnails pace, we may not finish on time.