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Where is the Pacific Palisades?

Pacific Palisades is a district within the U.S city of Los Angeles, California, located between Brentwood to the east, Malibu to the west, Santa Monica to the southeast, the S (MORE)

What was the Pacific war?

The Pacific war refers to the theater of war involving the pacific Ocean, and East Asia during the Second World War. Principally it is meant to include the battles and campaig (MORE)

Where is the pacific northwest?

The Pacific Northwest is the northwestern part of North America.  It's defined differently by different people, but is commonly  considered to be made up of Washington state (MORE)

Why was the Pacific Ocean called the Pacific Ocean?

The name is derived from the Latin name Tepre Pacificum, 'peaceful sea', bestowed upon it by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.    Pacific means peaceful. Ferd (MORE)
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What is a century?

A century is a period of 100 years. A decade is 10 years. * Historical periods are often defined as a century. However, because there was no 0th century, the century number (MORE)
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Crossroads of the pacific?

Fiji is the cross road of the Pacific. It is the main habour for both ships and planes coming from the west to the east of the Pacific.
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What was the pacific fleet?

  The Pacific Fleet were ships hundreds of ships. They would control the Pacific Ocean. A lot of ships came under heavy fire from submerines that was the number one killer (MORE)

What is a Pacific oyster?

This is an oyster that was grown in the Pacific Ocean.   Crassostrea Gigas. The classic 'rock oyster.' Originally from Japan and Korea now farmed all over the world due i (MORE)

Is pacific a continent?

Your right pacific is an ocean but Australia is not a continent,the 6 continents are North America,South America,Europe,Asia,Africa and Antarctica
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Is Pacific a noun?

The word 'pacific' (lower case p) is an adjective, a word  that describes a noun as conducive to peace, not aggressive (a  pacific nation, pacific people, etc.).    T (MORE)