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What was the Yalta Pact?

The "Yalta Pact" was a wartime agreement made in 1945 during a meeting between the heads of state of Great Britain, The United States, and the Soviet Union. Roosevelt, Churchi (MORE)

What was the Pact of Steel?

The "Pact of Steel" is a reference to the alliance between Germany and Italy signed on May 22, 1939. The pact was an alliance between the two in the event of either being inva (MORE)

What was the point of Nazi-soviet pact?

The Soviet and Nazi nonaggression pact was a joke and both nations knew it. They did it to buy time to keep one another from attacking each other. Stalin knew Hitler would eve (MORE)

What was the Tripartite Pact?

The Tripartitite Pact was a treaty signed in Berlin, Germany on September 27th, 1940. It was signed by Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and Fascist Italy, forming the Axis Powers (MORE)

What is the locarno pact?

Here is just a quick overview:   The Treaty of Versailles ended WW1 in 1918, and under the treat of Versailles was the League of Nations whose purpose was to stop war throu (MORE)

What was the purpose of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?

Just days prior to the outbreak of World War II, Germany and the  Soviet Union entered formally into a non-aggression (and mutual  trade-benefit) agreement that was soon kno (MORE)

Why was the Kellogg-briand pact unsucessful?

Despite the terrible lesson experience of WWI, which showed very clearly that war is not a good idea, foolish people failed to learn the lesson of history, and thought that if (MORE)