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What is a paddocks?

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What is paddocks?

the area where a horse lives. Answer . A small, usually enclosed field near a barn or stable for pasturing or exercising animals.
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What does the verb to paddock mean?

To "put a horse to paddock" is either to retire him, and let him/her live a calm, restful rest of a life. Or it could simply mean to let them out into a paddock or grassy f ( Full Answer )
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What are paddock boots?

This is the most popular style of riding boot and can range greatly in price. Paddock boots are short boots which come up over the ankle. They can come as lace up, zip up or p ( Full Answer )
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What does the word paddock mean in math?

A paddock is a set that satisfies the 4 addition axioms, 4 multiplication axioms and the distributive law of multiplication and addition but instead of 0 not being equal to 1, ( Full Answer )
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In a paddock what does a cow do?

If the paddock you are referring to is in a pasture, then she would be grazing in that pasture. And maybe laying down to chew her cud occasionally.
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Who lives in a paddock?

Horses are the most common animals in a paddock. I don't know if I've ever heard of other large animals in one, such as cows or goats, but I suppose they could be. But if in d ( Full Answer )
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What is paddocking gold?

it is when you eat other people turd. And you rate it by the colour and taste
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What is the meaning of paddock?

A "paddock" is a fenced or enclosed area of land. It can be used to keep animals or as a preparation area for a racing event.