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Who invented the padlock?

Locks were a common need--and invention--across different cultures since times of prehistory. So, there is no particular inventor. There were some being used well before writt (MORE)

How do you open a padlock?

The best and most effective way to open a padlock is by using the correct key or combination. There are however a variety of other ways to open a padlock. Since padlocks are d (MORE)

How do you pick a padlock?

With a tension wrench, apply pressure and torque on the cylinder with tapping at the pins with a pick, work from back to front to find the hardest pin to tap. (most resistance (MORE)
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What are the parts of a padlock?

There are many different types of padlocks, so exact terminology will vary. Here are some of the more common terms though: The shackle - the U-shaped piece that locks down (MORE)

How do padlocks work?

There are various forms of padlock each with a different type of locking mechanism. Some are more secure than others but as a rule the two most popular are keyed and combinati (MORE)

How do you change a Virgin Active padlock?

If you examine your padlock, you will see that the shackle can be pushed down into the body in two positions: diectly into the body (i.e. to lock it) and at 90 degrees. To cha (MORE)