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How do you get paid?

If ur just working the owner pays u once a week or every day or something but/ass if ur the owner u just take money from the cash register. and if u cuss he takes money off of (MORE)

What does a monk do to get paid?

Generally, monks do not GET paid- but they work to earn money for the monastery, which supports them. That work varies from one monastery to another. Some are teachers, some m (MORE)

When to use paid and paid?

Both paid and payed are the past tense of pay. Payed is not commonly used payed is more or less obsolete. present - I always pay my bills on time.. past - I paid (MORE)

Why is SUTA paid and when is SUTA paid?

SUTA is paid by an employer and is added to a fund that can be used by a qualifying employee in the event he/she is unemployed. The tax is determined by a percentage of a work (MORE)
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Who does not get paid?

Usually, volunteers don't get paid. They may be paid out of pocketexpenses though, but no salary.