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How can you lose weight without the painstaking exercising and buying expensive diet pills?

Have you tried Weight Watchers? I lost 22lbs with them and found it to be the safest healthiest way to keep lose & keep the weight off. I didn't do any exercise as I am quite ( Full Answer )
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What does painstaking mean?

It means characterized by extreme care and great effort, marked byor requiring great pains, very careful and diligent.
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Is painstaking an adjective?

Yes. A dictionary tells you the part of speech (e.g. adjective) of each word before giving the definition.
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How do you use painstaking in a sentence?

You could use it like this, "The assignment was painstaking work." "Finishing off the kitchen cabinets was painstaking!" Use is as a synonym for the word 'hard' or 'e ( Full Answer )
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Is becoming a Jehova's Witness a hard and painstaking process?

I am glad to know you have an interest in learning more about Jehovah God, if you have a bible please read Psalm 83:18 which give us God name and Isaiah 43:10, 11, were we ado ( Full Answer )